The Value Of Family Agreements

Sorting out your personal property, spousal support obligations and separating your finances after the breakdown of a relationship can be difficult and complicated when you are frustrated or emotional. Family agreements, such as marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements, are effective tools to help alleviate this stress for married and common-law couples.

These documents serve as a way to outline how you would like to settle your affairs should you decide to separate from your partner in the future. At Wise Scheible Barkauskas, our lawyers assist clients in Calgary and throughout Alberta and Canada, with drafting these agreements in a way that protects their interests and give them peace of mind.

Why Family Agreements Are Important

The most beneficial result of a family agreement is that you and your partner get to establish your own agreed upon terms of separation. The idea behind these documents is that, if you help create the solution, you're most likely to abide by its terms upon separating.

Solid Legal Advice

Certain issues, such as the appropriate amount of child support, already have existing legislation that cannot be overruled, even if both parties are in agreement. Our goal is to help you:

  • Make a decision that benefits you
  • Create terms that are reasonable and fair
  • Reduce the chances of future litigation

We strive to make sure the terms you agree upon are lawful and enforceable. We will carefully review the agreement, and explain to you all of its terms so you and your partner understand exactly what you are agreeing to, and its potential effects on your family.

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