Cohabitation Agreements And Marriage Contracts

A marriage agreement, also known as prenuptial agreement or marriage contract, allows you and your partner to outline how you would like to divide your shared assets and move forward after a divorce. These types of agreements can also be entered into after marriage. There are referred to as post-nuptial agreements. A cohabitation agreement operates the same way for common-law relationships.

With the right legal nuances suited to your situation, the lawyers of Wise Scheible Barkauskas can help you protect your rights and create fair and reasonable solutions for you and your partner. We've drafted effective cohabitation and marriage contracts for clients in Calgary and throughout Alberta and Canada.

Protecting Your Interests Early

In our over 75 years of combined legal experience, we've found couples are in a much better position to protect their rights and focus on solutions that make sense for each of them when they're both cool-headed and not currently in a conflict.

At Wise Scheible Barkauskas, we focus on creating solutions for our clients, so we want you to see that if you choose to leave your partner, you will be able to move on and move forward.

Child Support And Child Custody Issues

The best interests of the children always come first when deciding on issues of financial support and parenting responsibilities. There is already child support legislation in place, so our lawyers will advise you about terms that cannot be enforced, even if both parties are in agreement, as well as things that can be agreed upon.

Cohabitation and marriage contracts can be important factors for more complicated decisions, such as parenting schedules or deciding on what holidays a child may get to spend with each parent, though contracts made at the beginning of a relationship may not represent the best interests of a child when the relationship ends. Our goal is to understand the underlying goals you have for your children's welfare, and to determine a fair and reasonable solution for achieving those goals you and your partner can agree on.

Ask Us How We Can Assist

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