Family Property Disputes

Dividing a life that you have built with another person is never easy. Conflicts arise over ownership of the house you both shared, the accounts you've both managed and sentimental personal property.

At Wise Scheible Barkauskas, our lawyers offer legal support and advise to clients throughout Calgary, Alberta, on domestic disputes related to:

Our Depth Of Experience

People generally go through a divorce maybe once or twice in a lifetime. We see hundreds of divorces and separations pass through our firm.

Whether it's fighting for a share of company profits or who is responsible for the debts accrued during a partnership, someone in our firm has seen this conflict, and knows how to effectively guide you through it.

Finding The Right Process For You

Our goal is to avoid scenarios where you have to pay more, and processes that may cause more damage than good. But if your matter is better suited for litigation, we will develop an effective strategy to support your position and protect your legal rights.

Whatever your case may entail, we approach each matter with empathy and we listen to everything you have to say in order to establish what your goals are. And it's this combination of our experience, empathy and listening that our clients have let us know really helped take the stress and pressure of their shoulders.

Let Us Help Reduce Your Stress And Frustration

Find out how our lawyers can help you divide your property and assets. Call 587-331-7550 or arrange a consultation by filling out our online form.