The Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

In our 25 years of dedicated family law experience, our lawyers understand that having your voice heard is what matters most in domestic disputes. Once a matter has reached the courts however, that voice is generally heard through conversations between the lawyers.

Court may not be the right choice for everyone. The process can be expensive, lengthy, and the outcome can be unpredictable at times. Based in Calgary, Alberta, our firm, Wise Scheible Barkauskas, offers a range of alternative dispute resolution options, including:

Solutions Suited To Your Needs

Alternative dispute resolutions are more cost-effective legal processes that better allow you and your spouse to discuss possible solutions with each other. These facilitated conversations are used to help you and your partner agree on separation terms that are specific to your needs. The idea is, if you and your partner have input in your settlement agreement, you will be more likely to abide by its terms.

At Wise Scheible Barkauskas, our experience as lawyers benefits our roles as mediators, because we can generally tell what solutions are most likely to stick for certain situations over those that won't.

Building A Relationship With Your Former Spouse

One of the more beneficial effects of alternative dispute resolution is the ability to build a working relationship with your former partner. When you share parenting duties, or relationships with extended family, you may want to avoid a toxic relationship with an ex-spouse.

At Wise Scheible Barkauskas, we understand the need to reduce the stresses of co-parenting and other working relationships between former spouses. Mediation services allow both parties to explain why they feel how they do, and what solutions they would like to see. Clients often gain new insights into each other's situations, and which generally leads to a much more satisfactory outcome on how to resolve their issues.

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