How Parenting Coordination Works

Decisions surrounding which parent gets to take your child along on a summer vacation or has to baby sit — or even who has to take your child for a haircut — can be frustrating and emotional. Which is why the lawyers of Wise Scheible Barkauskas offer parenting coordination services.

Parenting coordination is for couples who find it difficult to agree on issues related to their parental duties. Based in Calgary, Alberta, our lawyers help separated and divorced couples maintain a clear head during these disputes, and find effective resolutions outside of a courtroom.

We Help Prevent Disputes From Escalating

Parents who continually argue over the smaller details of their parenting relationship may create a frustrating situation for their child. Not to mention a long-lasting and expensive relationship with their lawyers.

At Wise Scheible Barkauskas, our lawyer parenting coordinators have the specific training and experience necessary to act as coordinators. Our goal is to help you resolve these smaller battles before they turn into larger battles.

The Benefits Of Parenting Coordination

As parenting coordinators, we can work with families long after the divorce or separation has been settled and the parents' respective lawyers have left the situation. We appreciate the fact that sometimes it can be difficult for you and your former spouse to remain level-headed when debating important details regarding your children.

Similar to mediation services, our goal is for each parent to discuss their issues, and come to an agreement on how to proceed in the child's best interests. This process allows each parent to participate in the solution outside of a trial with their lawyers in a faster, more cost-effective process.

Seek Assistance Today

In addition to acting as coordinators, our lawyers also advise clients who have engaged a third party coordinator. Call 587-331-7550 or send us an email to set up a consultation.