Determining Parenting Rights After Separation

Issues such as custody, living arrangements and building a meaningful relationship with the child require choices that both parents need to consider very carefully.

At Wise Scheible Barkauskas, we understand how emotional dividing parental responsibilities can be. Our lawyers provide clients throughout Calgary, Alberta and surrounding cities with legal advice that puts the health and safety of children at the forefront of every possible solution.

Putting Your Needs First

We have over 25 years of extensive experience developing solutions for parents on issues of custody, and providing child support payments.

As effective negotiators, we know that it's not enough to listen to what you are saying. We have to understand what you mean, what your intentions are, and where you are coming from in order to discover the outcome you are really looking for, for your family.

And that's what we do at Wise Scheible Barkauskas. We find out what you are trying to achieve. We identify your underlying needs, and then pursue a solution that works for you.

Determining The Solution That Makes Sense For You

Many clients will walk into our offices with an idea of what they want to happen regarding their parenting duties. In order to help you find the best choice for your children and your family, we help you see how other options you may not have considered before may benefit your child.

We consider ourselves to be problem solvers. We fight your legal battles when necessary but in some cases, you may not necessarily want a fight. You'll likely want a solution to custody and child support disputes you can implement instead. So we approach each case by finding the right solution for you.

Find Solutions Today

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