Spousal Support Entitlement And Obligations

Money is typically one of your biggest concerns after deciding to divorce or separate:

  • How will I support myself?
  • What will I do until I get back on my feet?
  • How much money will I have to pay my former partner?

At our family law firm, Wise Scheible Barkauskas, we've heard almost every question a couple can ask regarding spousal support obligations. Located in Calgary, Alberta, we provide answers to those questions, and help you pursue the outcome best suited to your situation.

Spousal Support Is Not A Right

In many cases, clients walk into a situation with their own answers to what they want to see happen with their case. But they don't always understand why they think that answer works for them.

Many couples don't realize spousal support isn't automatic. The right to financial assistance from your former partner has to be proven.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in delving deeper into these issues, listening to what you're saying and finding out what you're truly trying to achieve and what your goals are.

Flexible Solutions

It's important to remember that court is not always the answer. In some cases, it is but you do have more options than you know at your disposal in order to achieve your goals.

Our firm is dedicated to determining the best means to resolve your matter — one that causes the least amount of damage, works best for your situation and is less costly.

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