Navigating digital life and social media after divorce

After a divorce, it can be difficult for people to navigate certain environments, including social media. Because we live so much of our lives online, using social media after divorce can be overwhelming and stressful. People often worry about what others will think, how (and if) they will announce the split and with whom they will still be virtual friends.

However, there are some simple steps you can take to make it easier to establish, reshape or reinforce your life online after divorce.

Make it unique to you

This is a good opportunity to refresh or recreate your digital persona so that it is distinctly your own. You might start by changing your user name and profile pictures. You can also change your relationship status and remove old photos of you with your ex. You can unfriend or unfollow former in-laws and people you only knew through your ex. You could also decide to start fresh with a completely new account.

Focus on the positive

Rather than using social media to keep tabs on an ex or say hurtful things about him or her, you can use it to focus on things that make you feel happy and inspired. To do this, stop following toxic people; commit to sharing only what you feel comfortable sharing; ignore or block negative influences who might offer up unwanted opinions.

Protect yourself

Even if you change accounts and unfollow people, you could still be at risk of privacy violations and harassment. To minimize these risks, change your passwords. You can also report any abusive behaviors to site administrators. You should also avoid oversharing, especially when it comes to details of your divorce case or your finances. Even if you think you are doing so anonymously, divulging sensitive information can cause serious problems.

It is also important to protect your emotional self after divorce. For some people, this could mean stepping away from social media altogether for a while. Doing so can allow you to focus on your real-world experiences and avoid unrealistic expectations and demands.

That said, social media is an important resource for people going through a difficult time. Knowing how to use it to make life a little easier after divorce can be immensely helpful and encouraging.

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